Sygic for Android
Written by Rick   
Tuesday, 13 October 2009 16:48
Sygic desktop

Sygic desktop

Sygic for Android is a very fast and good turn-by-turn navigation software.

The single package installer has versions for Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian devices and an activation key is provided via email for the version you choose at checkout. You'll need a fast connection or patience to download the 2Gb installer package but this is available as a .exe for Windows users or a .zip for other operating systems.

Sygic's Android implementation of Mobile Maps provides full turn-by-turn navigation as well as auto-rotate between landscape and portrait modes and auto-resume after an incoming call. With 44 countries covered, full voice navigation, 7-digit PostCode support, speed cameras, lane assist this is a fully featured solution that should benefit from the multi-tasking abilities of Android.

We'll be testing the new release over the next few days but in the meantime, Sygic have extended a 10% Early Bird discount to PocketGPSWorld customers.